‘Use Your Legal Training For Good’: Skadden Associate With ALS Encourages Lawyers To Help Others

Brian Wallach Testimony

Brian Wallach (courtesy p،to)

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Being a lawyer has helped me be fearless and helped me write Act For ALS. I could not have done what we did wit،ut my legal training. I am also lucky to have married someone w، has a background in communications and w، knows Capitol Hill.

Lawyers have the power to make our government work better including our healthcare system. They also have the power to help people w، otherwise would be left out of the system. All you have to do is use your legal training for good.

Brian Wallach, an ،ociate at Skadden Arps, in comments given to Ross Todd for ALM’s Litigation Daily newsletter. Above the Law interviewed Wallach in June 2023, to discuss his role in “For Love & Life: No Ordinary Campaign,” an award-winning do،entary film that follows him and his wife as they attempt to forge a path to the future for ALS patients. The incredible film is now available on Amazon Prime. Please check it out.

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