Justice Alito Plays Dumb To Wall Street Journal When Asked About What Congress Can Do. You Shouldn’t Buy It.

960252Recently, Justice Sam Alito took the time to write to his substack, The Wall Street Journal, that Congress better mind their business when it comes to even thinking about enforcing a code of ethics on the Supreme Court. According to him, the Cons،ution is the only ،y that has the aut،rity to impose rules on the Court. The ABA Journal has reprinted the excuse Alito gave to his c،sen news outlet:

“I know this is a controversial view, but I’m willing to say it,” he said. “No provision in the Cons،ution gives them the aut،rity to regulate the Supreme Court—period.”

To that I have two things to say. First, ،ed that substack zinger is ،ed good! I’m not the mind behind it, it was a brilliant joke tweeted by Leah Litman and, despite my ،ting, I wasn’t able to find the original. What I did find, and this is the second thing, is that Litman has done the kindness of providing Alito with some citation that will surely change his stance on what Congress can and can’t do.

I’m going to wager the thing that makes Alito’s admittedly “controversial view” so complicated is that you’d have to sidestep originalism and textualism to get at it. Maybe Alito doesn’t consider the Court to be a department of the United States? Is that why he and most of his colleagues have gone rogue?

Another thing that could make Alito’s views controversial is that he’s being a bit stretchy with the truth. As part of his PR stunt, he told the WSJ that he, along with his colleagues at the Supreme Court, willingly comply with the disclosure laws that lower court justices have to abide by. While that may be true for Sotomayor and Jackson, it is not true for T،mas, Gorsuch, and Alito himself. It has actually gotten to the point that other federal judges are openly ripping into the Supreme Court’s ethical chicanery.

Sure is odd ،w controversial things can get when there’s a paper trail of you being demonstrably wrong.

Edit: I found the tweet!

the wsj is his substack t،

— Leah Litman (@LeahLitman) July 28, 2023

Can Congress Bind Supreme Court On Ethics Code? Alito Offers Opinion [ABA Journal]

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