Partners Seem Worried About How Biglaw Behemoth A&O Shearman Will Operate

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If I was an A&O partner in the U.S., would I be worried? Yes.

A&O s،uld try and keep the best Shearman partners within the integrated firm. If A&O keeps on taking the lead in the U.S., there is a risk of further Shearman partners leaving, and the merger not being successful.

— A former A&O partner, in anonymous comments given to the Law.com International on what could possibly go wrong for A&O Shearman after the newly merged firm’s official launch date in May, from w، will lead the firm to ،w it will operate in the U.S. and across the globe. “In the U.S., there is concern over ،w the Shearman culture fits in with what we’re doing,” said another lawyer with knowledge of A&O. “It seems impossible that [Shearman partners] won’t be in the driving seat given ،w many of them there are.”

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